HellVape Dead Rabbit SQ RDA By Heathen - Rebuildable Dripping Atomizer

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Dead Rabbit SQ RDA by HellVape and Heathen  - Rebuildable Dripping AtomizerFor long-term veterans of the vaping arts, no standardized retail format wi..

Dead Rabbit SQ RDA by HellVape and Heathen  - Rebuildable Dripping Atomizer

For long-term veterans of the vaping arts, no standardized retail format will do. While today’s mass-produced vaporizer systems are lightyears beyond what was possible when the industry first got underway, nothing can ever top the modularity inherent in rebuildable atomizers. Fortunately, we have companies like HellVape who consistently deliver top-performing devices geared specifically towards the vape connoisseur.

Coming off the success of the original Dead Rabbit SQ – which was considered the best-selling rebuildable drip atomizer of 2017 – the latest HellVape Dead Rabbit SQ RDA features a 22mm squonk structure with a unique dual-post, single coil build deck that is specifically geared for intense flavor production and, more notably, mouth-to-lung vaping.

While vaporizers were originally designed to help analog smokers transition from traditional platforms to the digital format, manufacturers quickly realized that hobbyists and flavor-lovers dominated the vaping scene. They prefer the direct-to-lung approach as this drawing style opened up the door to ultimate creative expression: in other words, it’s quite difficult to emit massive clouds in a high-resistance vaporizer!

That being said, a significant number of vape enthusiasts prefer the tighter draws of mouth-to-lung vaping. Recognizing the opportunity, HellVape, in conjunction with a creative partnership with Heathen, decided to create an RDA that is adjustable for MTL vaping. The Dead Rabbit SQ RDA is the proud result of thousands of manhours of development and production.

You can see the immense pride of this partnership as soon as you open the package. Although looks are secondary to actual performance metrics, you can’t help but notice how drop-dead gorgeous the HellVape Dead Rabbit SQ RDA is! The outer housing is carefully chiseled with the brand logo, and the solid-colored resin drip tip at the top gives the overall aesthetic a bold, but mature styling.

Furthermore, all vape enthusiasts will appreciate the color variation that HellVape and Heathen provide. Unlike other RDA devices where multiple offerings all look the same, save for the color, with the Dead Rabbit SQ, you get an entirely different aura depending on your choice.

Want something bold and outrageous? The gold-colored SQ, combined with the blue resin drip tip, will get people talking! If you prefer the classic look, opt for stainless steel, which is topped with a red drip tip that also gives you a little pizzazz. And for those that love understated designs, the matte black and “Full Black Out” are perfect companions!

After you’re done gawking at this showroom-floor ready RDA, you’ll next notice its compact stature. While the current HellVape Dead Rabbit SQ is modeled after its original iteration, both HellVape and Heathen decided on a 22mm diameter chassis. The reasons for this are plentiful, but the manufacturers keyed in on two primary factors.

First, the vaping industry is becoming increasingly geared towards portable carry. While that has always been the industry’s ideological mission, in actual practice, it hasn’t always panned out that way. With the reduced diameter of the latest Dead Rabbit SQ, vapers can easily take this RDA anywhere they choose to go.

Second, the MTL compatibility of the Dead Rabbit means more former smokers and others transitioning from traditional, analog platforms will purchase this device. Generally speaking, smokers need their fix in places where it’s no longer socially acceptable to smoke. These folks need discretion and portability, so the reduced dimensions (along with the right color choice) provide that.

At the same time, vape enthusiasts, particularly rebuildable aficionados, shouldn’t worry about convenience and work capacity. While the diameter may have shrunk down, the actual build chamber remains generous – a key attribute of HellVape and Heathen rebuildable atomizers.

Just as importantly, the Dead Rabbit SQ RDA features a unique structure which catalyzes creativity. Running a top terminal, two-post build deck with gold-plated positive posts, this rebuildable platform means serious business. Accessing the various components is easy to do compared with other compact RDA systems. Moreover, the gold-plated positive posts ensure tight, consistent channels.

Few things in the rebuildable sector are as frustrating as a high-performance setup that doesn’t measure up in the consistency and reliability department. With the HellVape Dead Rabbit SQ RDA, you can be sure that when you hit the fire button, you’ll enjoy nothing but the most outrageously succulent draws.

The Dead Rabbit SQ is also adaptable to single-coil use, with each terminal incorporating side-mounted hex or flathead screws (both are included in the HellVape/Heathen package). This specific setup may prove ideal for most MTL vapers as the mouth-to-lung methodology is best suited for higher-resistance atomizers.

In addition, single-coil setups typically consume less battery power and less e-juice. Thus, even sub-ohm enthusiasts will find the adaptability to single coil exceptionally useful when they’re in a logistical bind. Moreover, one of the biggest drawbacks of single coils, the lack of cloud production, isn’t usually high on the priority list for MTL vapers.

Another outstanding feature of the Dead Rabbit SQ is the top-side diagonal adjustable airflow system. Contrary to rival RDAs, the SQ’s adjustable airflow system is conveniently positioned and intuitive to operate. Further, HellVape and Heathen engineers specifically designed this system to maximize flavor retention and accuracy.

It achieves this through the system’s 7.0 mm by 2.0 mm air-slot diameter, which facilitates the most ideal and efficient “air/fuel” mixture. What you’re left with is the perfect blend of soothing vapors and extraordinary flavor profiles.

An underappreciated advancement of the Dead Rabbit’s adjustable airflow system is that it can be fully closed. This is especially suitable for portable carry, and it also helps prevent unwanted, accidental leaks. More importantly, the airflow is adjustable for MTL vaping, replicating the tight draws of a traditional, analog platform. Finally, the Dead Rabbit SQ features a knurled grip, making on-the-fly adjustments quick and hassle-free.

No discussion of this latest piece from HellVape and Heathen is complete without mentioning its tremendous performance for the money ratio. The Dead Rabbit SQ is distinct among its competitors in that it serves the needs for both MTL and direct-to-lung (DTL) vaping. With so many devices just geared for DTL, it’s refreshing to see something for the transitioning enthusiast.

This dual compatibility isn’t just limited to the end-performance aspect. Because the Dead Rabbit SQ features single-coil setup capacity, MTL vapers should find building their own, unique configuration just as enjoyable as the DTL flavor-lovers would find it. By default, single-coil setups are easier than their dual-coil setups as there are less moving parts.

Lastly, the HellVape Dead Rabbit SQ RDA gives you so much. In addition to all the features we mentioned, the SQ features a gold-plated bottom feed squonk pin. This is perfect for vape connoisserus who demand the absolute best in flavor profile and consistent performance. And as is typical for both HellVape and Heathen, every component of the Dead Rabbit SQ is built to extraordinary construction standards using only premium-grade materials.

If you’re looking for a high-quality RDA that won’t break the bank, be sure to consider the superb HellVape Dead Rabbit SQ RDA, available at VaporAuthority.com!


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HellVape Dead Rabbit SQ RDA Specifications:

Manufactured By: HellVape

E-Juice Capacity: 5.0 ml

Threading: 510

Deck Material: 304 Stainless Steel

Tank Material: Borosilicate Glass

Diameter: 0.87 Inches (22 mm)


HellVape Dead Rabbit SQ RDA Includes:

1 x Hellvape Dead Rabbit SQ 22mm RDA

1 x 9mm Wide Bore 810 Resin Drip Tip

1 x 9mm Wide Bore 810 Delrin Drip Tip

1 x 4mm Bore 510 Delrin MTL Drip Tip

1 x 510 Drip Tip Adapter

1 x Spare Parts Pack

1 x Gold Plated Bottom Feed Pin

1 x Allen Key

HellVape Dead Rabbit SQ RDA Features:

Exquisite collaborative effort between HellVape and Heathen

Expert craftsmanship using only premium-grade materials

An outperforming RDA compatible with MTL vaping

Users have the option of single-coil or dual-coil setups

Compact dimensions allow for easy portability

Spacious build deck that encourages creativity

Advanced adjustable airflow system with tight-draw MTL function

Incredible 5.0-ml capacity e-juice reservoir tank

Includes gold-plated bottom-feeding squonk pin

Features three wide-bore drip tips of 4-mm and 9-mm dimensions

Robust 304 stainless steel deck material

Outstanding value for the money

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