iJoy Katana Sub Ohm Tank

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iJoy Katana Sub Ohm TankAs the centerpiece for the entire vaporization process, the sub-ohm tank -- and iJoy sub-ohm tanks in particular – represent t..

iJoy Katana Sub Ohm Tank

As the centerpiece for the entire vaporization process, the sub-ohm tank -- and iJoy sub-ohm tanks in particular – represent the key pivot: enthusiasts will pronounce a judgment on the system based on their initial experiences. It’s no surprise, then, that this is a competitive field. However, the latest iJoy Katana Sub Ohm Tank is more than up to the challenge, delivering superior flavors, big vapors, and convenient functionalities all layered in an attractive chassis.

And connoisseurs of the digital arts will certainly appreciate the artistry that’s imbued in the iJoy Katana Sub Ohm Tank. Featuring a clean, classic layout, the iJoy Katana embodies a timeless aesthetic, which is perfect for those who want a vaping system’s performance to do most of the talking. However, that’s not to say that the iJoy Katana won’t attract the right kind of attention. With various colors and designs, the Katana Sub Ohm effortlessly balances pizzazz with classiness.

Additionally, this superb sub-ohm tank is included in the iJoy UNIV Starter Kit: thanks to its portfolio of functionalities and end-user conveniences, it’s not difficult to understand the company’s decision-making process. The iJoy Katana Sub Ohm Tank epitomizes the holistic principle that’s rapidly becoming a trend in the premium vaping market.

For instance, the Katana Sub Ohm Tank by iJoy incorporates a 5.5ml e-liquid capacity in its pre-installed “bubble format.” For added value and convenience, iJoy also includes a 4.0ml spare glass reservoir tank. Not only is this smart thinking, it goes to show you that the vape manufacturer, despite its extraordinary success, remains fully in touch with the vaping community and their needs.

Moreover, proprietary technologies, such as iJoy’s triangular adjustable bottom-airflow system. Under this distinct setup, e-liquified vapors travel up and into the atomizer coils via three pathways. This creates an extraordinarily well-balanced saturation level within the iJoy atomizer coil system, invariably facilitating exceptional draw quality. You can experience all the underlying base tones of your choice flavors, as well as nuances that you may never have noticed prior to the Katana Sub Ohm Tank.

And speaking of coils, what makes the iJoy Katana such a special piece is its optimal compatibility with iJoy’s KM-series of mesh wire atomizer coils. Featuring natural fiber cotton wicks, the Katana tank soaks up the essence of your favorite e-liquids, producing incredibly rich tones. Further, the KM mesh wire dramatically enlarges the heating area, directly evoking superior flavors as well as massive clouds.


Purchase Replacement Coils for the iJoy Katana


iJoy Katana Sub Ohm Tank Specifications:

Manufactured By: iJoy

Threading: 510

E-Juice Capacity: 5.5 ml

Body Material: 304 Stainless Steel

Tank Material: Borosilicate Glass

Atomizer Coil Resistance: 0.13 Ohm, 0.15 Ohm

Atomizer Wattage Range (KM1): 40W – 80W

Atomizer Wattage Range (KM3): 50W – 90W

Length: 2.27 Inches (57.7 mm)

Diameter: 1.10 Inches (28 mm)


iJoy Katana Sub Ohm Tank Includes:

1 x iJoy Katana Sub Ohm Tank

1 x KM1 Coil 0.15 Ohm (40W – 80W) (Pre-installed)

1 x KM3 Coil 0.13 Ohm (50W – 90W)

1 x Replacement Glass

1 x Tool Pack

1 x Warranty Card

iJoy Katana Sub Ohm Tank Features:

Brilliant new sub-ohm tank from iJoy

Clean, classic design embodies elegance

Slide-n-fill top-cap design with leak prevention

Large-sized 5.5 ml e-liquid capacity

Triangular adjustable bottom airflow system

Compatible with KM-series mesh wire coils

100% authentic iJoy

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