Kanger Ibar Pod System Starter Kit

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Kanger Ibar Pod System Starter KitToo often, pod-loving vapers have to choose between high-tech systems that are clunky and a bit complicated, and ext..

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Kanger Ibar Pod System Starter Kit

Too often, pod-loving vapers have to choose between high-tech systems that are clunky and a bit complicated, and extremely minimalistic options that don’t offer much in terms of exciting technology. Luckily, Kangertech has found the perfect middle ground with the Kanger Ibar Pod System Starter Kit. This revolutionary pod system brings the best of both worlds: convenient portability and user-friendly design, as well as stunning performance, reliability, and power. MTL vapers who want something more futuristic than the average all-in-one vaping system will without a doubt want to get their hands on this beautiful piece of vaping hardware.

Kanger’s Ibar Pod System Starter Kit isn’t just impressive in terms of performance – its visual design is equally worthy of praise. This brand is renowned for their sleek and sophisticated aesthetics, and this device just might set a new standard. Super slim and elongated, it’s pocket-friendly while being a feast for the eyes. The device’s metallic chassis gives it a luxurious edge, while curved edges add to the ergonomics that make it a pleasure to handle throughout the day. Furthermore, the system was designed with resilience in mind, being made with reliable materials while remaining conveniently lightweight to add to its pocket-friendly nature.

The Kanger Ibar Pod System Starter Kit contains an integrated 800mAh battery, which is extremely powerful for such a small and slim device. This battery can last most vapers the entire day, and fuels bigger puffs of vapor. Comes with advanced safety features for a dependable vaping experience, and a three-level battery indicator system uses LED lights to keep you totally aware of your battery’s level at all times. A 15-puff vibration mechanism helps you manage your number of hits during your vaping session.

Choose between two power modes: a full power output and constant voltage output, which operates at 3v. The unit offers variable wattage, allowing vapers to choose between 10 and 12 watts at any time.  This range makes a difference when using salt-based nicotine, as each wattage level brings out unique aspects of your vapes. 

Included in the Kanger Ibar Pod System Starter Kit is a 2mL pod that utilizes a 1.2ohm kanthal coil to produce those perfect Mouth-To-Lung) MTL vape sessions. Unlike most pod coils that you’ll find on the market, this one contains a wick made from organic cotton, which, as we know, dramatically improves flavor, throat hit, and vapor production.


Kanger iBar Replacement Pods

Kanger Ibar Device Specifications:

Manufactured By: Kangertech

Battery: 800mAh

Power Output: 12W

Output Voltage: 3V

Pod E-Liquid Capacity: 2ml

Dimensions: 107mm x 17.5mm x 17.5mm


Kanger Ibar Pod System Starter Kit Includes:

1 x Ibar Battery

1 x Ibar Refillable Pod

1 x Charging Cable

1 x Manual

Kanger Ibar Features:

Durable & Lightweight

Aluminum Alloy Chassis Construction

Two Power Modes: Constant Voltage and Full Power Output Mode

Smart Vibrate Notification

3-Level Battery Indicator

Parallel Kanthal 1.2ohm Coil

Upgraded Organic Cotton

Awesome Flavor and Vapor Production

Smoother Draws 

4 Safety Features

100% Authentic Kanger

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