Aspire Breeze Starter Kit

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Aspire Breeze All-In-One Starter KitAs one of the leading hardware manufacturers within the vaping industry, Aspire has been steadfastly dedicated to ..

Aspire Breeze All-In-One Starter Kit

As one of the leading hardware manufacturers within the vaping industry, Aspire has been steadfastly dedicated to offering exceptionally high-quality devices suitable for all vaping needs and styles. From remarkably powerful MODs and Kits, to competition-level tanks and coils, all of Aspire’s superior vaping products are genuinely second-to-none. In an endeavor to provide for advanced and very well-performing, yet incredibly easy-to-use vaporizers designed specifically for mouth-to-lung vapers, they have released a truly sensational new setup—the Aspire Breeze Kit. This masterpiece offers a wonderful vaping experience, in a small, straightforward, and user-friendly package, requiring virtually no skill to operate.

The first notable characteristic of the Aspire Breeze is its phenomenally small and compact form factor. At just over 3 ½ inches tall and 1 ¼ inches wide, this small beauty is remarkably small, light, and easy to transport. Moreover, the ultra- petite configuration also makes the Aspire Breeze refreshingly understated and inconspicuous, allowing you to discreetly enjoy vaping without drawing too much attention to yourself while doing so.

Aspire did a superb job in designing and engineering the Breeze Kit so that it offers the perfect balance of performance and ease-of-use. Unlike the majority of other devices on the market today, the Breeze requires virtually no skill or knowledge to operate. With absolutely no settings to manipulate or monitor, this small beauty can be used straight out of the box. Simply fill the tank with e-juice, and enjoy. Aspire brilliantly configured the Breeze to operate both manually as well as automatically. That is, you can activate the device automatically by simply drawing on it, or manually by pressing the fire button. This is a very nice option, as it makes the Breeze suitable for all vapers.

Adding to the effortless and straightforward design of the Aspire Breeze is its all-in-one structure. With a built-in 650 mAh battery and an integrated internal tank, there are no parts to constantly maintain or manipulate. Rather, the internal tank can be conveniently filled from the top of the Breeze by separating the top-cap. Likewise, the battery is exceptionally easy to charge using the included charging cable. No additional external chargers or wires are required whatsoever.

The Aspire Breeze Kit is conveniently furnished with an intelligent LED battery life indicator, updating you as to the status of the remaining battery life. When the battery has a charge above 3.8V, the light will shine purple. When it has been depleted to between 3.8V and 3.4V, the LED light will glow in a blue color. When the Breeze’s battery has been drained below 3.4V, the light will shine in an orange color and blink multiple times, thereby indicating that it is in need of a recharge. This brilliant system eliminates the guesswork as to the status of the remaining battery life.

If you are looking for an extremely easy-to-use, well-performing, and compact vaping device that requires virtually no skill to operate, the Aspire Breeze Kit is the perfect choice for you.


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Aspire Breeze Kit Specifications:

Manufactured by: Aspire

Body Material: Aluminum-Zinc

E-Juice Capacity: 2ml

Battery Capacity: 650 mAh

Atomizer Resistance: 0.6 Ohms

Height: 3.66 Inches (93mm)

Width: 1.29 Inches (33mm)

Depth: 0.7 Inches (18mm)

Available Colors: Black, Blue, Red, Stainless


Aspire Breeze Kit Includes:

1 x Aspire Breeze Vaporizer

1 x Aspire Breeze Atomizer Coil (0.6 Ohms) – (Pre-Installed)

1 x Aspire Breeze Atomizer Coil (0.6 Ohms)

1 x Charging Cable

1 x Set of Replacement O-Rings

1 x Protective Drip Tip Cover Cap

1 x User Manual

Aspire Breeze Kit Features:

Extremely Small and Lightweight

Easy-to-Use and Straightforward Operation

Requires Virtually No Skill or Knowledge to Use

All-in-One Configuration

Integrated Internal Tank

Provides Wonderful Vapor Production

Delivers Rich and Flavorful Hits

Battery Life Indicator

Rapid Charging

Leak-Free Configuration

Perfect for Beginner Vapers

Provides Great Mouth-to-Lung Hits

Short-Circuit Protection

Low-Voltage Protection

Over-Charge Protection

100% Authentic Aspire

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