Aspire Platinum Starter Kit (Atlantis and CF Sub Ohm Battery)

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Aspire Platinum Starter Kit (Atlantis and CF Sub Ohm Battery)Aspire has yet again demonstrated their ability to combine value and quality with their n..

Aspire Platinum Starter Kit (Atlantis and CF Sub Ohm Battery)

Aspire has yet again demonstrated their ability to combine value and quality with their new Platinum Kit. The remarkable Aspire Platinum Kit is the perfect marriage between Aspire’s wildly popular Atlantis Sub-Ohm Glassomizer and the Aspire CF Sub-Ohm Battery. Add the replacement coils, the web tank, the charger, and the carrying case and you are left with one of the highest-quality sub-ohm kits on the market today.


Aspire Atlantis Sub-Ohm Tank: 

The Aspire Platinum Kit comes with the world-renown Atlantis Sub-Ohm Tank. This marvelous tank is as beautiful as it is functionally wonderful. The glass tank is masterfully accentuated by the stainless steel body and wide-bore drip tip. Perfect for those who enjoy massive vapor clouds and intense flavor, the Aspire Atlantis Tank is a truly brilliant device.

This remarkable clearomizer is constructed with high-grade 304 stainless steel, making it extremely durable. The steel’s added nickel and chromium makes is immensely resistant to rust and corrosion, while maintaining a beautifully radiant finish. The Aspire Atlantis Tank’s meticulously detailed grooves add to the overall contemporary look and feel of the device.

The Aspire Atlantis Clearomizer’s ejuice tank portion is made with quality Pyrex glass, substantially enhancing its look and performance. Plastic tanks are inexpensive and resistant to breaking, but are also susceptible to deterioration from the acidity found in e-juices. Pyrex glass, on the other hand, is completely resistant to this acidity. This not only equates to a longer lasting tank, but without plastic slowly seeping into the e-liquid, it also provides for much cleaner taste as well.

Aspire answered to the sole drawback of glass tanks, which is their vulnerability to breaking if dropped or exposed to pressure, by offering replacement glass tubes in the event of a crack or break. This allows you to replace the Atlantis Clearomizer’s tank rather than being forced to replace the entire device. In addition, Aspire intelligently offers stainless steel replacement web tanks, which are not only gorgeous aesthetically, but also protects the glass from potential damage.

The Aspire Atlantis is also equipped with Aspire’s infamous airflow control valve, allowing you to adjust the amount of air that is drawn into the device while taking a hit. This not only helps you customize your vaping experience to your personal preference, but also allows you to switch between e-liquids of varying PG-to-VG consistencies without flooding or gurgling. You can increase the intake for those who enjoy airier hit, or decrease the air for vapers who prefer tighter ones. Regardless of your preference, the Aspire Atlantis Tank is sure to meet your expectations.

One of the most prominent features of the Aspire Atlantis Tank is the atomizer head that it has been designed to accommodate. These incredible atomizer coils are available in multiple resistances and wire materials, making it absolutely perfect for vaper of all sorts. You can select from 0.3 ohms, 0.5 ohms, and 1.0 ohms atomizer heads, which are made with quality Kanthal resistance wire.

Regardless of the coils you select, they are all made with 100% Japanese Organic Cotton. Free of impurities, such as bleach, organic cotton provides for far superior taste than conventional cotton. All of the Atlantis coils produce massive vapor clouds and extremely robust flavor production, providing one of the most enjoyable vaping experiences you have ever had.


Aspire CF Sub-Ohm Battery: 

The Aspire Platinum Kit comes with their CF Sub-Ohm Battery, which is regarded as one of the most remarkable electronic cigarette batteries on the market. It is constructed with carbon fiber, giving it a stunning and unique look that can’t be found elsewhere. The carbon fiber composition of the CF Sub-Ohm Battery is not only beautiful aesthetically, but is also extremely lightweight and durable. 

The connector and hardware of the Aspire CF Sub-Ohm Battery is made with quality 304 stainless steel, making it very solid all around. Aspire brilliantly designed the CF Sub-Ohm with a series of ventilation holes located at the end of the device. These perforations not only add to the beauty of the battery, but also act to dissipate heat generated while it is being used. The result is a longer life and a battery that remains cool to the touch.

The Aspire CF Sub-Ohm Battery is furnished with a spring-operated center connector, helping to ensure a secure connection between the battery and the clearomizer, atomizer, or cartomizer being used. It is also a rather powerful device, boasting an impressive 2,000 mAh capacity that is capable of lasting the day without needing a charge. 

The Aspire CF Sub-Ohm Battery is also engineered with a host of safety features, providing for a vaping experience that is as safe as it is enjoyable. It is equipped with Heat-Dissipating Ventilation Holes, On/Off capability, Atomizer Short Circuit Protection, Over-Charge Protection, Charging Short-Circuit Protection, and Over-Discharge Protection. 

The Aspire Premium Kit also comes with a replacement Pyrex Web Tank. This gorgeous tank is designed with web-like details, giving the Atlantis a truly stunning look. This is not only a great feature for enhancing the aesthetic beauty of the device, but is also handy in the event the tank is dropped and breaks. 

If you are looking for a truly high-end sub-ohm starter kit capable of providing phenomenal vapor clouds and flavor production, the Aspire Platinum Kit is the perfect choice for you.


 Download the Aspire Platinum Kit User Manual



Purchase Kanthal Replacement Coils for the Atlantis


Purchase a Replacement Pyrex Glass Tube for the Aspire Atlantis,

Purchase a Replacement Stainless Steel Web Tank for the Aspire Atlantis

Purchase a 5ml Replacement Glass Tank for the Aspire Atlantis




Mouth-to-Lung, Direct-to-Lung


Beginner, Intermediate




Aspire Atlantis Tank Specifications:

Threading: 510

Casing Material: High-Grade Stainless Steel

Tank Material: Pyrex Glass

Atomizer Resistance: 0.5 Ohms

Liquid Capacity: 2ml (Can be Increased to 5ml With Optional Tank)

Height: 2.77 inches (70.3mm)

Diameter: 0.86 inches (22mm)


Aspire CF Sub-Ohm Battery Specifications:

Thread Compatibility: 510 / eGo

Maximum Voltage Output: 4.2V

Capacity: 2,000 mAh

Output Type: Constant Voltage

Atomizer Resistance Compatibility: 0.3 Ohms – 1.0 Ohms

Maximum Current: 40A

Length: 4.5 inches (114.5mm)

Diameter: 0.86 inches (22mm)


Aspire Platinum Starter Kit Includes:

1 x Aspire CF Sub-Ohm Battery

1 x Aspire Atlantis Sub-Ohm Tank

5 x Aspire Atlantis Replacement Coils (0.5 Ohms)

1 x Replacement Web Tank

1 x USB Charger

1 x Leather Carrying Case

1 x User Manual

1 x Gift Box

Aspire Platinum Kit Features:

Battery Body Made With Carbon Fiber

Absolutely Stunning Aesthetic Design

Atlantis Tank Body made With 304 Stainless Steel

E-Juice Tank Made With Pyrex Glass

Airflow Control Valve

Atlantis Tank Can Be Completely Disassembled

Large Battery Capacity

Removable Drip Tip

Clear E-Liquid Tank to See Remaining EJuice Level

Several Atomizer Coils to Choose From

Immense Vapor Clouds

Incredibly Clean and Tasty Flavor Production

Japanese Organic Cotton Coils

Stainless Steel Wide-Bore Drip Tip

Heat-Dissipating Ventilation Holes

On/Off capability

Atomizer Short Circuit Protection

Over-Charge Protection

Charging Short-Circuit Protection

Over-Discharge Protection

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