Aspire Spryte AIO Pod System Starter Kit

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Aspire Spryte AIO Pod System Starter KitWith great attention to detail, its incredible quality and some of the most innovative releases, the Aspire br..

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Aspire Spryte AIO Pod System Starter Kit

With great attention to detail, its incredible quality and some of the most innovative releases, the Aspire brand has become a household name amongst the vaping industry for years. It first gained its starlight to success when it manufactured the Aspire Nautilus, then soon after became a pioneer for innovation when it released the Atlantis series in 2014, which placed the industry into a new era of sub-ohm vaping. The popular Chinese vape brand that was established in 2013 has continued to deliver an outpour of the most popular vaping products, and it’s now resurfacing its technique that brought it so much success in previous years by introducing the new Aspire Spryte AIO Kit, an all-in-one pod system that features a slim design, stylish colors, and all while maintaining a user-friendly concept.

The Aspire Spryte AIO Kit is a fascinating addition to the brand’s rapidly growing arsenal of products. While Aspire certainly isn’t a stranger to all-in-one designs, the Aspire Spryte offers users a new and modern design concept for the ultra-portable market, bringing along with it several advanced features, and one of its most popular coil heads of all time -- the BVC coil. The BVC Coil made its debut when Aspire released the Aspire Nautilus, and became a large part of the reason why the Nautilus gained so much success within the vaping market. With a fascinating design, plenty of features, and incorporating its BVC coil technology, the Aspire Spryte is sure to become the industry’s latest hit!

Aspire Spryte AIO Kit

Showing great attention to detail, the Spryte offers a stunning presentation. From top to bottom its modern design exudes appeal, sharing a sleek outer appearance that’s both slim and stylish. Available in a variety of colors, including Olive Green, Grey, Black, Blue and Purple, its satin finish delivers quite offers a vibrant colorful look that’s a true sight for sore eyes. Quality has become the utmost importance when it comes to its structure, as the body has an aluminum construction, while its drip tip cap is plastic. Both materials were used  to deliver a durable structure, while maintaining a light and comfortable feel for the user. Just to imagine, its 108mm by 26mm by 26mm body provides a rather small footprint, making the Aspire Spryte a device that is very portable, allowing you to easily go mobile with its pocket-friendly design.

Equally as impressive, the Aspire Spryte features an all-in-one design that utilizes a pod system that offers a 3.5ML e-liquid capacity. To avoid the hassle of messy spills and potential leakage, it also uses a silicone plug at the base of the device, giving way to its bottom-fill design. Buried within its aluminum walls is an integrated 650mAH rechargeable battery, which is capable of delivering a constant output wattage of up to 12 watts. Recharging the device is remarkably simple, as a micro-USB charging port is equipped with a 1A maximum charge rate. On top of its single button configuration and fully adjustable airflow control with side airflow vents, you’ll find using the Aspire Spryte AIO Kit is an easy, enjoyable, and satisfying experience.

Even more of an impactful feature to this awe-inspiring device is the adoption of Aspire’s (BVC) Bottom Vertical Coil Technology. The company has manufactured two BVC atomizer coils made specifically for the Spryte device. There is the 1.8-ohm BVC Coil rated for 3.0-5.0V and used for traditonal vaping with the most popular e-liquids, while its 1.2-ohm BVC NS Coil is rated for 10-12W and optimized specifically for Nic Salts. With either choice, you’re sure to endure an amazing vapor experience with the Aspire Spryte AIO Kit!


Purchase Replacement Coils for the Aspire Spryte


Aspire Spryte Specifications:

Manufactured by: Aspire

Material Aluminum

Battery: Built-In 650mAh Rechargeable Battery

Wattage Range: 1W - 12W

Resistance Range: ?

Micro-USB Port: 1A Maximum Charge Rate

Height: 108mm

Width: 26mm

Depth: 26mm


Aspire Spryte Includes:

1 x Aspire Spryte System

1 x 1.8-ohm BVC Coil

1 x 1.2-ohm BVC NS Coil

1 x Silicone Seal

2 x Replacement O-Rings

1 x USB Cable

1 x Warranty Card

1 x User Manual

Aspire Spryte Features:

All-In-One Design

Integrated 650mAh Rechargeable Battery

Single Button Configuration

3.5ML E-Liquid Capacity

Slim, Modern Design

User-Friendly Two-Piece Structure

Convenient Refillable Pod System

Fully Adjustable Airflow Control

Aspire (BVC) Bottom Vertical Coil Technology

Compatible With Free-Based & Nic Salt E-Liquids

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