Aspire Starter Kit (K1 and CF G-Power Battery)

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Aspire Starter Kit (K1 and CF G-Power Battery)Aspire has established a world-renowned reputation for manufacturing nothing but the highest quality ele..

Aspire Starter Kit (K1 and CF G-Power Battery)

Aspire has established a world-renowned reputation for manufacturing nothing but the highest quality electronic cigarette devices on the market. Their repertoire of products is made with meticulous attention to detail, using only the finest materials. With a combination of the G-Power 900 mAh Battery and the K1 Glassomizer, The Aspire Starter Kit combines some of the very best of Aspire’s products into one outstanding collection perfect for beginners and advanced vapers alike.

Aesthetically, the Aspire Starter Kit is absolutely stunning. The battery is made with grey carbon fiber, giving it a dazzling look unlike any battery you’ve seen. The K1 Clearomizer’s glossy glass tank coupled with its stainless steel hardware perfectly complements the battery’s contemporary carbon fiber finish. As a unit, the Aspire Starter Kit is an exceptionally beautiful device.

The Aspire Starter Kit is also an exceptionally good value. With a state-of-the-art battery and clearomizer, along with replacement atomizer coils and charger at an unbelievable price, this is certainly a great deal. If all of the individual parts were purchased separately, the total would cost substantially more than the Aspire Starter Kit does as a package.


Aspire K1 Tank:

The Aspire K1 Bottom-Vertical-Coil Tank is a phenomenal clearomizer, made with the finest materials. The frame of the clearomizer is fabricated with top-grade 304 stainless steel. Combined with approximately 20% chromium and 11% nickel metals, 304 stainless steel is tough, durable, and offers a brilliant aesthetic finish.

The e-juice tank portion of the Aspire K1 Clearomizer is made with quality Pyrex glass rather than plastic. Unlike plastic tanks that will erode over time due to the acidity of e-liquids, glass tanks are completely resistant to such erosion. This provides for a much cleaner flavor as well as adding to the life of the device.

The Aspire K1 Tank has a 1.5ml e-juice capacity, and is engineered so that it can be completely disassembled. This wonderful feature makes cleaning and maintaining the K1 effortless. Additionally, the fact that all of the clearomizer’s components can be taken apart allows you to switch out the included drip tip with any 510 drip tip you like. This not only permits you to customize the look of your K1, but is also beneficial for those who don’t like metal drip tips.

The K1 is furnished with Aspire’s remarkable BVC atomizer coils, which are known to produce incredible vapor clouds and flavor production. The Aspire K1 Clearomizer is designed to fit seamlessly with all eGo sized batteries, providing for a beautifully uniform look.


Aspire G-Power 900 mAh Battery:

The Aspire G-Power Battery is as aesthetically beautiful as it is functionally advanced. This impressive Aspire battery features high-quality stainless steel endpoints, ensuring solidity and longevity. It is also furnished with a metal fire button, which is masterfully set within the battery’s unique carbon fiber body. The carbon fiber structure is not only absolutely stunning to look at, but is incredibly durable as well. The body of the G-Power Battery is finished with 6 safety holes on the end cap of the body, allowing the heat to dissipate consistently from the device.

The G-Power Battery was brilliantly designed with Aspire’s revolutionary spring connector, providing for a secure connection between the battery and the K1 Tank at all times. The spring connector also allows you to switch between various tanks without the risk of a poor connection.

The Aspire G-Power Battery boasts a hefty 900 mAh capacity, allowing for hours of use between charges. It produces a maximum power output of 4.2V, which is optimal for use with the K1 Tank’s atomizer coil. It is truly impressive that Aspire managed to pack this much capacity into a relatively compact body.

Aspire intelligently designed the G-Power Battery with a nifty battery life indicator. When the battery has between 26% to 100% life, the fire button’s LED light will shine blue in color. When the remaining battery life is 25% or less, the light will be orange in color. This is a wonderful feature, as it gives you adequate warning that your G-Power Battery is in need of a charge. Once the battery has been completely depleted, the orange LED light will alert you by flashing 10 times in succession.

Along with its stunning appearance, solid construction, and fantastic performance, Aspire also included several safety features in the G-Power Battery as well. The Over-Charge Protection ensures that the battery will automatically stop charging once it has reached its maximum capacity. The Over-Discharge Protection safeguards the battery from allowing the voltage to fall below the minimum 3.2V once it has been depleted. At that point, the orange LED light flashes 10 times and the battery goes into sleep mode.

Additionally, the G-Power is armed with Atomizer Short Protection, which detects a short in the atomizer coil and immediately forces the battery into sleep mode, and alerts you with 3 multi-color blinks. The battery’s Charging Short Circuit Protection guards the battery from damage in the event that the charger short circuits. If this were to occur, the multi-color LED light will flash 6 times, while the battery shuts down and ceases to accept further charging.

If you are in the market for an exceptionally high-quality starter kit, look no further, the Aspire Starter Kit is the perfect choice for you! It offers everything you want in a vaping kit: gorgeous looks, stellar performance, durability, and user-friendliness. The Aspire Starter Kit offers all of this and more at an incredibly affordable price.


 Download the Aspire K1 Starter Kit User Manual



Purchase Replacement Atomizer Coils for the Aspire K1 Tank


Purchase an Additional Aspire K1 Tank


Protect Your Device With A Durable Carrying Case

Purchase an Additional Charger for the Aspire G-Power Battery








Less Than 50% VG




Aspire Starter Kit Specifications:

Manufacturer: Aspire

Total Length: 6.45 Inches (164mm)

Diameter: 0.58 Inches (14.8mm)

Available Colors: Carbon Fiber Gray

Total Weight: 10 Ounces (284g)


Aspire K1 Tank Specifications:

E-Juice Capacity: 1.5ml

Threading: eGo

Atomizer Coil Resistance: 1.6 Ohms

Length: 2.83 Inches (72mm)

Diameter: 0.58 Inches (14.8mm)


Aspire G-Power Battery Specifications:

Battery Capacity: 900 mAh

Maximum Output Voltage: 4.2V

Threading: eGo / 510

Battery Type: Manual

Length: 3.03 Inches (77mm)

Diameter: 0.58 Inches (14.8mm)


Aspire Starter Kit Includes:

1 x Aspire CF G-Power Battery (900mah)

1 x Aspire K1 Tank (1.5ml)

1 x Aspire BVC Atomizer Coil (1.6 Ohms) - (Pre-Installed)

5 x Aspire BVC Replacement Atomizer Coils (1.6 ohms)

1 x USB charger

1 x A/C adapter

1 x User manual

1 x Gift Box

Aspire Starter Kit Features:

Stunning Carbon Fiber Construction

Powerful 900 mAh Battery

Fantastic Vapor Production

Rich and Robust Flavor Production

Incredible Value

Transparent Tank Displays Remaining E-Juice

Tank Made With Pyrex Glass

Made With 304-Grade Stainless Steel

Removable Drip Tip

K1 Tank Can be Fully Disassembled

Over-Charge Protection

Over-Discharge Protection

Atomizer Short Protection

Charging Short Circuit Protection

Made With High-Grade Materials

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