Wotofo Profile Unity 25mm RTA (By Mr.Justright1 + TVC)

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Wotofo Profile Unity 25mm RTA (By Mr.Justright1 + TVC)Featuring a collaboration between Mr.Justright1 + TVC, the Wotofo Profile Unity 25mm RTA has spa..

Wotofo Profile Unity 25mm RTA (By Mr.Justright1 + TVC)

Featuring a collaboration between Mr.Justright1 + TVC, the Wotofo Profile Unity 25mm RTA has sparked a profound revolution in rebuildable vaping. Even before the Profile Unity launched, several enthusiasts clamored onto community boards asking for preorders. Featuring a steeped airflow vaporization chamber, and loads of end-user centric innovations, it’s no surprise that this Wotofo rebuildable generated rave demand.

Taking a page out of popular, traditional (i.e., non-rebuildable) vape tanks, the Wotofo Profile Unity levers exceptional aesthetics. Utilizing the industrial-chic design element throughout its chassis, the Profile pops with both flair and poise. At the same time, it’s looks are enhanced by the fact that true substance underlines the physical attributes.

Layered with premium-grade stainless steel, the Wotofo Profile Unity 25mm RTA stands up to all kinds of thermal pressures. That of course is a net positive because the Profile incentivizes creative expression. Engineers integrated a brand-new resin drip tip into the RTA, featuring comfortably thick dimensions that enhance overall vapor quality and input texture.

At the heart of this 25mm RTA by Wotofo is the groundbreaking atomizer system. Featuring the company’s NexMesh Coil, this mesh runs a resistance rating of an ultra-low 0.13 ohms. What this translates to is supreme flavor production and replication unprecedented in the broader vaporizer market.

Additional nuances are found in the Wotofo Profile Unity 25mm RTA’s “agleted” cotton wick. Moving beyond the standard organic cotton, this specialized wick promotes an ideal e-liquid saturation point. Working in conjunction with all other elements within the Profile Unity, this RTA pumps out gobs of satisfying vapors.

Moreover, the Wotofo Profile Unity 25mm RTA integrates new vaping technologies such as the non-stop flow mechanism. Unlike lesser vaporizers, this RTA’s “innards” works constantly and seamlessly to ensure the right mixture between airflow and e-liquid volume. What this all translates to is an uninterrupted flow during your sessions, irrespective of outside conditions.

Further along the list of end-user conveniences, the Wotofo Profile Unity incorporates a generously-sized 3.5 ml e-juice capacity. But to further the value proposition, Wotofo product managers have included 5.0 ml extension tube. Thanks to this add-on feature, vape enthusiasts can enjoy multiple sessions before requiring a refill.

When that inevitability arrives, the Profile Unity incorporates a convenient, top-fill mechanism. Simply slide the top cap to one side, which reveals an ultra-large portal. From there, simply drop in your choice e-liquid and you’re ready to hit those massive clouds!


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Wotofo Profile Unity 25mm RTA (By Mr.Justright1 + TVC) Specifications:

Manufactured By: Wotofo

E-Juice Capacity: 3.5ml (5.0ml tube included)

Threading: 510

Body Material: Stainless Steel

Tank Material: Borosilicate Glass

Insulator Material: PEEK (Polyether-Ether-Ketone)

Deck Size: 16mm x 6.8mm (compatible with Profile RDA)

Height: 1.91 Inches (48.5 mm)

Diameter: 0.98 Inches (25 mm)


Wotofo Profile Unity 25mm RTA (By Mr.Justright1 + TVC) Includes:

1 x Wotofo Profile Unity RTA

1 x 5.0ml Glass Tube

1 x 5.0ml Tube Adapter

1 x User Manual

1 x Bending Tool

1 x Screw Driver

2 x NexMesh Coil (0.13 ohm)

1 x 6mm Agleted Cotton

1 x Extra O-Rings & Screws, Springs

Wotofo Profile Unity 25mm RTA (By Mr.Justright1 + TVC) Features:

Groundbreaking new RTA unit from Wotofo

Enlivened with an industrial-chic design element

Robust construction and premium-grade materials

Ample opportunities for creative expression

3.5ml e-juice capacity with 5.0ml extension tube

Thick resin drip tip for enhanced draws

Non-stop flow mechanism for added performance

Optimized from the build deck of the Profile RDA

Unprecedented flavor production and quality

100% Authentic Wotofo

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