Innokin iTaste CLK-W Express Kit

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Innokin iTaste CLK-W 1280mah Express KitIntroducing the all-new Innokin iTaste CLK-W Express Kit, featuring its flagship passthrough capability, stunn..

Innokin iTaste CLK-W 1280mah Express Kit

Introducing the all-new Innokin iTaste CLK-W Express Kit, featuring its flagship passthrough capability, stunning aesthetic improvements, and new capabilities. This remarkable kit maintains all of the functions as the original CLK 1280, but with improved aesthetic appeal and the added benefit of variable wattage functionality.

As with the CLK 1280, the Innokin iTaste CLK-W is made with the very finest materials. The body is fabricated with high-grade aluminum-zinc metal alloy, which represents a combination of aluminum and zinc. This metal blend delivers a durable, solid, and corrosion-resistant body, which is capable of enduring heavy daily use while remaining exceptionally light in weight.

Conveniently equipped with an internal micro-USB charging port, the iTaste CLK-W features passthrough capability. This spectacular function allows you to charge the battery while you vape, thereby virtually eliminating the possibility of being left without an operational ecig. As long as you are near an outlet, computer, charging bank, or any device with a USB port that is capable of charging, you can vape and charge simultaneously. You can also purchase a USB car adapter, which will enable you to vape and charge while you are on the road.

The Innokin iTaste CLK-W is a variable wattage battery, which allows you to adjust the output wattage of the device from between 7.5W to an impressive 12W. This permits you to use various atomizer coil resistances with your CLK-W, providing you with the perfect hit each and every time. To adjust the output wattage, simply turn the knob at the end of the battery clockwise or counter-clockwise to find the perfect wattage setting for your setup.

The Innokin iTaste CLK-W is also brilliantly furnished with a battery level indicator, alerting you as to the level of remaining battery life. When the light on the fire button is green when pressed, the battery is fully charged. When the light is yellow, the battery is at approximately half power. When the light turns red, it is an indication that the battery has less than 25% life remaining, and is in need of a charge.

The Innokin iTaste CLK-W is not only beautiful and functionally superior, but is also loaded with safety features. The device is armed with Short Circuit Atomizer Protection, Over-Discharge Protection, 10-Second Automatic Shutoff, and On/Off Capability. These safety measures will help provide peace of mind while using and charging your CLK-W.

Turning the battery on and off is extremely easy, and provides assurance that your iTaste CLK-W will not accidentally activate while being stored or transported. To turn the battery on, simply press the fire button three times rapidly. This will display a series of flashing lights, indicating that the device has been turned on. Turning the battery off works in the same way—simply click the fire button three times in rapid succession, and the flashing lights will illustrate that the battery has been turned off.

From gorgeous aesthetics to superior functionality, the Innokin iTaste CLK-W Express Kit is an absolutely incredible battery that you are sure to love!



    1,280 mAh


    Adjustable Voltage / Wattage


    510, eGo


    Innokin iTaste CLK-W Specifications:

    Manufactured by: Innokin

    Threading: 510 / eGo

    Wattage Range: 7.5W – 12W

    Voltage Range: 3.5V - 5V

    Battery Capacity: 1280 mAh

    Battery Type: Variable Wattage / Passthrough

    Standby current: 50uA max

    Maximum Output Current:3.5A

    Resistance Range: 1.2 Ohms – 2.5 Ohms

    Length: 4 Inches (101.6mm)

    Diameter: 0.63 Inches (16mm)

    Available Colors: Black, Stainless

    Innokin iTaste CLK-W Express Kit Includes:

    1 x Innokin iTaste CLK-W Battery

    1 x Beauty Ring

    1 x Lanyard

    1 x Charging Cable

    1 x User manual

    Innokin iTaste CLK-W Features:

    Battery Level Indicator

    Variable Wattage Capability

    Short Circuit/Atomizer Protection

    Large Battery Capacity

    ON/OFF Capability

    Passthrough Functionality

    Over-Discharge Protection

    Stunning Aesthetic Design

    Durable Corrosion-Resistant

    Lightweight and Easy to Carry

    Perfect for Beginner and Advanced Vapers Alike

    Vape and Charge Simultaneously

    100% Authentic Innokin

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