Kanger E-Smart Starter Kit

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Kanger E-Smart Starter KitKanger, who is known for constantly bringing innovative and high-quality starter kits to the electronic cigarette market, ha..

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Kanger E-Smart Starter Kit

Kanger, who is known for constantly bringing innovative and high-quality starter kits to the electronic cigarette market, has done it again with their incredible eSmart Starter Kit.  Riding the wave of popularity of compact electronic cigarettes, Kanger has blown away the competition with this magnificent vaping kit. Extremely easy to use, sensationally performing, and very compact, the Kanger eSmart Kit is the perfect choice for beginner vapers who are seeking a high-quality electronic cigarette that requires no skill to operate.

Rather than offering the ability to adjust numerous settings and variables, such as wattage, voltage, temperature, etc, Kangertech intelligently pre-configured the eSmart Kit so that the clearomizer, atomizer coil, and battery function together optimally. This will provide you with a flawless vaping experience straight out of the box, without forcing you to constantly fidget with numerous settings and adjustments. This arrangement makes the Kangertech eSmart Kit perfect for beginner vapers and those who are looking for a simple, straightforward, and effective vaping setup.

The Kanger eSmart Starter Kit comes with the spectacular eSmart Tanks. These clearomizers are equipped with a transparent tank, which allows you to monitor the amount of e-juice that remains within it. This takes the guesswork out of determining when it is time to add more liquid. Filling the eSmart tank is extremely easy and requires absolutely no special skills of an kind. Simply unscrew the base, fill the tank, and screw it back on. As soon as the atomizer coil within the tank burns out, you simply dispose of the entire tank and pop in a new one, rather than being forced to fiddle with replacing the atomizer coil yourself.

The Kanger eSmart Kit comes with two full devices, including two tanks and two eSmart batteries. The beautiful compact batteries are rated at 320mAh, giving them a relatively long life.  With the second battery available to you, you can switch to the charged spare as soon as the one in use dies. This helps ensure that you are not left without an operating ecig to use.The eSmart's batteries and tanks have been designed to match exactly, giving the device as a whole a very seamless and elegant look.

Made with lightweight, durable, and rust-proof aluminum-zinc, the Kanger eSmart batteries also feature a 5-click on/off function, which helps to prevent unwanted activation while not in use.  The eSmart Battery's hardware is made with strong 304-grade stainless steel, enabling it to endure extended use without deteriorating.

The Kanger eSmart Starter Kit is the perfect choice to help you get started with vaping. It comes with everything you need to get going, except for E-Liquid, which can be purchased by clicking HERE.

NOTE: Do not charge Kanger eSmart batteries with any other charger other than the one that comes with the kit. Using another charger can damage the battery and may be potentially dangerous.


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Kanger eSmart Specifications:

Manufacturer: Kangertech

Clearomizer Capacity: 1.3ml

Thread: 510

Battery Capacity: 320 mAh (400 puffs)

Battery Voltage: 3.3v - 3.4v

Diameter: 12mm (.47 inches)

Total Length: 135mm (5.3 inches)

Colors:  Black, Blue, Red, Pink, Purple, Stainless, White


Kanger eSmart Starter Kit Includes:

2 x Kanger eSmart Batteries

2 x Kanger eSmart Clearomizers

1 x Kanger eSmart Wall Adapter

1 x Kanger eSmart USB Charging Cable

1 x User Manual

Kanger eSmart Features:

Very Lightweight and Compact

Extremely Easy-to-Use

No Special Skills Needed to Operate

Comes with Two Batteries and Two Tanks

Transparent Tank Displays Remaining E-Juice

Perfect for Beginner Vapers

100% Authentic Kangertech

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