Kanger Open Box Tanks (Various Models)

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Kanger OPEN BOX Tanks (Various Models)Among leading vaporizer manufacturers, Kanger is unquestionably one of the top innovators, forwarding brilliant ..

Kanger OPEN BOX Tanks (Various Models)

Among leading vaporizer manufacturers, Kanger is unquestionably one of the top innovators, forwarding brilliant design cues and incredibly useful and powerful devices. Over the years, the vaunted organization has focused on delivering the most uncompromising vaping experience to enthusiasts worldwide. And today, you have the incredible opportunity of purchasing Kanger Open Box Tanks (Various Models) at deeply discounted prices.

If you’ve been looking for some of the best Kanger sub-ohm tanks, but incurred budgeting limitations, now is your chance. These Kanger OPEN BOX Tanks are brand new from the factory: the only major difference is that these tanks do not come with the boxed package, nor do they have the accessories that sealed-package tanks do. However, you will receive a working tank and one installed atomizer, which is exactly what you need for extracting world-class vapes.

On tap for the Kanger OPEN BOX Tanks opportunity are three innovative pieces: the Kanger iKEN Sub-Ohm Tank, Kanger TopTank Mini, and Kanger TopTank Nano.

Kanger iKEN Sub-Ohm Tank

This remarkable tank features a unique U-shaped airflow pathway, which serves to saturate vapors with your choice flavors, and deliver impeccable sessions. Moreover, the iKEN features a leakproof design, preventing unsightly spills and accidents. Finally, the iKEN Sub-Ohm Tank is geared for Kanger’s world-class SSOCC coil system.

Kanger TopTank Mini

An optimal platform for busy on-the-go enthusiasts, the Kanger TopTank Mini incorporates a generously sized 4.0ml e-liquid capacity. Furthermore, the TopTank is compatible with Clapton and stainless steel atomizer coils. Plus, despite the compact dimensions of the TopTank Mini integrates a comprehensive airflow system for superior vaping sessions.

Kanger TopTank Nano

The Kanger TopTank Nano represents the top-fill version of the company’s popular SubTank Nano. Featuring an easy-to-clean platform, the SubTank Nano is geared toward those who are limited in time. Moreover, the Kanger TopTank Nano utilizes an intuitive airflow-control valve that facilitates real-time end-user calibration.



*It is important to note that open box tanks do not fall within our normal warranty, and are being purchased as-is.

The tanks are brand new and never used, but do not come with any accessories whatsoever. You will be receiving only the tank with one installed coil and nothing else.


Kanger OPEN BOX Tanks (Various Models) Specifications:

Manufactured By: Kanger

Threading: 510

Body Material: 304 Stainless Steel

Tank Material: Borosilicate Glass

Wicking Material: Organic Cotton

Available Models: iKEN Sub-Ohm Tank, TopTank Mini, TopTank Nano

Available Colors (iKEN): Black, Green, Yellow, Teal, Red, Green

Available Colors (TopTank Mini): Red, Silver, White

Available Colors (TopTank Nano): White, Purple, Pink


Kanger OPEN BOX Tanks (Various Models) Includes:

1 x Kanger Tank (with 1 pre-installed coil)

Kanger OPEN BOX Tanks (Various Models) Features:

Leading premium vaporizers at deep discounts

New tanks with 1 pre-installed atomizer coil

Available in multiple colors

100% authentic Kanger

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