Kanger UBOAT Pod System Starter Kit

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Kanger UBOAT Pod System Starter KitWith an enormous library of products under its belt, Kangertech is renowned throughout the world as a premiere manu..

Kanger UBOAT Pod System Starter Kit

With an enormous library of products under its belt, Kangertech is renowned throughout the world as a premiere manufacturer of vaporizers. Often recognized for its innovations in the sub-ohm vaping category, Kanger devices are featured across a variety of social media channels, as well as professional vape journals.

But with the resurgence in mouth-to-lung vaping, Kangertech saw a tremendous opportunity in delivering powerful innovations to a relatively underserved community. The latest Kanger UBoat All-In-One Starter Kit is the result of extensive research and development, marketing analysis, and rigorous product engineering and real-world testing. Not only that, the Kanger UBoat is priced at an introductory rate that simply can’t be beat!

Upon opening the package for the Kanger UBoat Starter Kit, you’ll develop an immediate appreciation for its subtle stature and “tone.” To no one’s surprise, most vaporizer products today are exceptionally flashy – seduction sells, no matter what industry you’re in! Obviously, the more aesthetically pleasing your device, the more traffic and eyeballs it attracts.

Ironically, though, the very attribute that’s highly desired in product marketing and distribution is often antithetical to the actual usage of a vape device. Given the political environment and the usually dichotomous view of vaping from the general public, it’s usually best practice to avoid drawing attention to oneself.

Thus, the flashiest of devices are great for vaping conventions and cloud-chasing competitions, but don’t really serve the enthusiast well in common locales.

Kangertech recognized this inherent challenge when developing the Kanger UBoat Kit. Eschewing flash for functionality, the highly-respected manufacturer went with a compact, innocuous design. This way, the UBoat, which is named after the infamous but extremely effective German submarine, can be deployed at will, and “disengaged” when necessary.

But don’t mistake the UBoat for a boring platform! Quite the contrary, this latest Kanger Starter Kit is elegantly smooth and subtly attractive. From an outsider’s perspective, it looks like a trendy flash-memory device. The benefit here, though, is that while stylish, the Kanger UBoat is discreet when it needs to be.

This particularly serves the mouth-to-lung community as they often prefer function over form. And this naturally segues into our next topic, which is the overall functionality of the Kanger UBoat All-in-One Kit. One of the defining features of the UBoat is that it has no buttons. That’s right! All the whizzing, buzzing lights and buttons are not present in this Kanger device.

Instead, what you have is pure practicality, which many MTL enthusiasts will regard as a breath of fresh air. You don’t have to read a cumbersome and difficult-to-understand manual. You especially don’t need to memorize obscure button patterns or sequences. Instead, do what comes absolutely natural – put the UBoat’s mouthpiece on your lips, and vape!

It’s amazing that some manufacturers have to make the simplest of concepts so overly complicated. Kangertech, though, has always been recognized for their intuitive products, and it shows with the UBoat All-in-One Kit. This is an impressive but easy-to-utilize device, making it a perfect platform for newcomers and those transitioning to the digital arts.

Powering the Kanger UBoat Starter Kit is a 550 mAh battery. Initially, that may not sound like much. However, the 550 mAh battery is exceptionally lightweight compared to competitor models. This small detail becomes extremely noticeable if you daily carry your device. Every ounce on the road truly adds up, and it’s super-convenient that Kangertech engineers developed a lightweight battery.

Additionally, the UBoat’s power source is incredibly efficient. Thanks in combination with superior engineering and with the MTL methodologies less-taxing energy consumption, the 550 mAh battery can last for several days (under moderate use) on a single charge. Better yet, the 550 replenishes very quickly due to its compact nature. Thus, even if you’re completely depleted, just find an electronic device to get back into the game in no time!

Another notable feature of the Kanger UBoat All-in-One Kit is its 2.0-ml pod cartridge system. The system is easy to utilize – just flip open the Kanger device, and remove or reinstall the pod. There’s no unnecessary gimmicks or silly tricks involved.

Not only that, the 2.0-ml capacity is actually quite large given its purpose. As previously mentioned, the MTL methodology is less taxing on power consumption relative to the direct-to-lung, or sub-ohm methodology. By logical deduction, MTL enthusiasts typically utilize less e-liquids than their DTL counterparts. Therefore, reloads are less frequent than in popular sub-ohm specific devices.

Now what makes the Kanger UBoat Kit truly stand out is its ceramic 1.5-ohm atomizer head. The ceramic material is well-loved by enthusiasts for its robustness, durability, and its excellent flavor replication or translation. This latter feature is important for MTL enthusiasts who also love flavor-chasing in addition to a strong throat hit.

Who says that you can’t have both? With the Kanger UBoat Starter Kit, you now have the ability to enjoy a true replication of traditional platforms, while advantaging the vaping industry’s unique innovations.

As an added nod to MTL enthusiasts, the Kanger UBoat is specifically engineered for a 50/50 Vegetable Glycerin (VG) and Propylene Glycol (PG) e-liquid ratio. This mixture provides the optimum balance between performance and flavor retention.

Finally, we’d be remiss not to mention the Kanger UBoat’s incredible dollar-for-value proposition. Unlike other devices, particularly sub-ohm vaporizers, that have increasingly dialed up their price tags, the Kanger UBoat All-in-One Starter Kit is very reasonably priced. Any vaper, no matter their personal budget, will be able to afford the UBoat.

Kangertech achieved this phenomenal value thanks to its aforementioned function over form approach. While it doesn’t have all the bells and whistles associated with trendy devices, the UBoat deploys intuitiveness and practicality. You don’t have to be a vaping expert to quickly pick up and enjoy spectacular sessions, which makes the UBoat a delight to vape.



Purchase Replacement Pod Cartridges w/ Coil For The Kanger UBOAT






2 ml




Bottom-Fill Cartridge


1.5 Ohms


50% VG or Lower






Beginner, Intermediate


Kanger UBoat All-in-One Starter Kit Specifications:

Manufactured By: Kangertech

E-Juice Capacity: 2.0 ml

Atomizer Resistance: 1.5 Ohms

Battery Capacity: 550 mAh

Height: 4.5 Inches (114.3 mm)

Width: 0.81 Inches (20.6 mm)

Depth: 0.56 Inches (14.2 mm)


Kanger UBoat All-in-One Starter Kit Includes:

1 x Kanger UBoat

1 x Refillable Empty Cartridge

1 x USB Charging Dock

1 x Set of Spare Plugs

Kanger UBoat All-in-One Starter Kit Features:

Amazing new MTL-specific device from Kangertech

Exceptional flavor profile

Long-lasting 550 mAh battery

Incredibly discreet and sophisticated design

Lightweight, perfect for long road trips

Great dollar-for-value

Has everything you need to get started

Intuitive end-user interface

Specifically designed for 50/50 VG/PG mix

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