Vandy Vape Pulse DUAL 220w Squonk Mod Starter Kit

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Vandy Vape Pulse DUAL 220w Squonk Kit w/ Pulse v2 RDA (By Tony B)Thanks to the incredible synergies within the vaping industry, the forgotten art of s..

Vandy Vape Pulse DUAL 220w Squonk Kit w/ Pulse v2 RDA (By Tony B)

Thanks to the incredible synergies within the vaping industry, the forgotten art of squonking is making a dramatic comeback. And sustaining the momentum is the latest Vandy Vape Pulse DUAL 220W Squonk Mod Starter Kit. Featuring an awe-striking chassis, the Pulse DUAL offers a dramatic power output range, a massive 7.0ml capacity squonk bottle, and a groundbreaking intelligent chipset.

Further underlining the Vandy Vape Pulse DUAL 220W Squonk Mod Starter Kit is the revolutionary Pulse V2 RDA. Utilizing a 24mm diameter deck with a 32.4mm top cap, the Pulse V2 is first and foremost designed to extract maximum air flow. This facilitates an unparalleled vaping experience that has many enthusiasts raving about Vandy Vape and their squonking platforms.

With that brief introduction out of the way, let’s dive deeper into the specific details, beginning with the Pulse DUAL Mod.

Vandy Vape Pulse DUAL 220W Squonk Mod

You never have a second chance to make a first impression. Fortunately, Vandy Vape makes a stunning debut with their Pulse DUAL 220W Squonk Mod.

Open the packaging for this starter kit and you’re immediately struck with the enormous attention-to-detail integrated into this mod. Featuring premium-grade construction materials, the DUAL is incredibly handsome with its multi-layered chassis laced with attractive elements and ergonomic structuring. At less than three inches tall, and a little over two inches wide, the DUAL is also remarkably compact.

It’s a wonder, then, how Vandy Vape was able to fit in a 7.0ml capacity squonk bottle in the Pulse DUAL’s chassis, but they got the job done! Combined with the compact dimensions, vape enthusiasts will really appreciate the length of time they can extract succulent vapes from this mod before requiring a reload.

But when that time comes, replenishing your Vandy Vape device is a cinch. The company incorporated an independent bottle chamber that’s separate from the battery compartment. That dramatically aids in convenience, allowing you to quickly get back into your sessions.

Powering the Vandy Vape Pulse DUAL 220W Squonk Mod are dual 18650 high-amperage batteries (sold separately). The efficiency of the DUAL platform means that this mod has an outstanding range, from a low of 5W to a searing 220W. Best of all, the mod effortlessly and consistently shifts among the power settings without any fuss or drama.

Finally, the Vandy Vape Pulse DUAL 220W Squonk Mod incorporates multiple safety features. These include overheating, open-circuit, short circuit, and overcurrent protections. Additionally, the DUAL 220W Mod has a 10-second cut-off function, which automatically shuts down your device when not in use.

Vandy Vape Pulse V2 RDA

A critical component of any RDA, or rebuildable drip atomizer, is the ability to custom design your ideal vaping setup. With the Vandy Vape Pulse V2 RDA, you’re only limited by your desire and creativity!

Running a 24mm-diameter dimension, this platform features a floating dual post, four-terminal build deck. Moreover, the squonk port is integrated into the post. To aid in effective e-juice saturation, each terminal incorporates a side-mounted hex screw, which is configured in a “Y-shaped” formation.

Even better for those who love tinkering with their devices, the Pulse V2 RDA utilizes interchangeable internal PEI rings. Depending on your particular setup, this structuring enables efficient airflow, levering a direct impact on flavor profile and accuracy.

Plus, the Pulse V2 RDA features a gold-plated contact and 510 bottom-feed pin. Another brilliant attribute is the V2’s 810 wide-bore acrylic drip tip, which contributes to the profound flavors and draw quality for which Vandy Vape is world renowned!


Note: Batteries Sold Separately


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Vandy Vape Pulse DUAL 220W Squonk Mod Specifications:

Manufactured By: Vandy Vape

Threading: 510

Battery: Dual 18650 (sold separately)

Wattage Range: 5W – 220W

Temperature Range: 200°F-600°F (100°-315°C)

Resistance Range (VW): 0.05 Ohms – 3.0 Ohms

Resistance Range (TC): 0.05 Ohms – 1.5 Ohms

Height: 2.96 Inches (75.3 mm)

Width: 2.08 Inches (52.9 mm)

Depth: 1.64 Inches (41.7 mm)


Vandy Vape Pulse V2 RDA Specifications:

Manufactured By: Vandy Vape

E-Juice Capacity: 7.0 ml

Threading: 510

Body Material: Stainless Steel

Deck Size: 24mm

Number of Posts: 4

Diameter: 0.94 Inches (24mm)


Vandy Vape Pulse DUAL 220W Squonk Kit with Pulse V2 RDA Includes:

1 x Pulse Dual 220W Box Mod

1 x Pulse V2 RDA

1 x 7mL Squonk Bottle

1 x MicroUSB Cable

1 x Instructional Manual

Vandy Vape Pulse DUAL 220W Squonk Kit with Pulse V2 RDA Features:

Groundbreaking new squonking kit from Vandy Vape

Stunning design work accentuates overall aesthetics

Massive 7.0ml capacity squonk bottle

Utilizes high-amp dual 18650 batteries (sold separately)

Wide-ranging power output to 220W

Revolutionary RDA system

Pulse V2 incentivizes creative setups

Intuitive digital interface screen

Bottom-loaded hinge battery door

Multiple end-user protections

100% Authentic Vandy Vape

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