Vandy Vape Pulse v2 24mm BF RDA - Rebuildable Dripping Atomizer

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Vandy Vape Pulse v2 24mm BF RDA - Rebuildable Dripping AtomizerWhen you’re good, you’re good, irrespective of how long you’ve been in business. That m..

Vandy Vape Pulse v2 24mm BF RDA - Rebuildable Dripping Atomizer

When you’re good, you’re good, irrespective of how long you’ve been in business. That might as well be the corporate slogan for Vandy Vape. Established in 2016, Vandy Vape is one of the youngest entrants into the vaporizer market. Even more, they’re specifically levered towards the rebuildable atomizer (RBA) subsector, a highly-competitive field that quickly exposes newcomers for any shortcoming or weaknesses.

Despite the enormity of the challenge, the innovative firm has proved all doubters wrong. Products like the Vandy Vape Pulse v2 24mm BF RDA ensure that this up-and-coming vape manufacturer will stay in the limelight for an extended period of time. Drawing upon prior developments in RDA technology, Vandy Vape implemented its own unique twists, sparking rave reviews among advanced-level vape enthusiasts.

For starters, the Vandy Vape Pulse v2 RDA incorporates a jet-funnel, adjustable-top airflow system that is slanted at the perfect angle to facilitate maximum efficiency and performance. This system is specifically engineered for compatibility with bottom-feeding “squonk” devices. At the same time, the Pulse 24 BF RDA’s airflow system is leakage-resistant, as the air currents are directed via side-mounted tubular ducts.

Furthermore, the latest version of the Vandy Vape Pulse 24 BF RDA includes three airflow rings: wide open oval, honeycomb for single coil use, and dual-comb specific honeycomb. The latter is constructed out of Ultum PEI, enabling both cool temperatures and airflow customization features (includes a two-piece bf/standard 510 pin.

Second, the Vandy Vape Pulse integrates a gold-plated postless deck, which is compatible with coils up to a maximum length of 10mm. Additionally, the coils can be adjusted so that it runs parallel with the aforementioned airflow jet channels. This feature can be actualized with a locking mid-section function.

The other advantage of the postless design is greater space savings than the original RDA format, which was introduced with a posted architecture. Thanks to the extra real estate, engineers were able to facilitate compatibility with larger coils, as well as giving discerning vapers extra modulation options for creative, personal expression.

Additionally, Vandy Vape incorporated a deck update, facilitating a floating and tilted platform which allows for a bigger and deeper juice well.

 To enhance flavor accuracy and churn out vape clouds, the Pulse 24 BF by Vandy Vape makes great use of the popular 810 drip-tip system. Provided with an Ultem and Delrin wide=bore drip tip, and a 510 drip-tip adapter, the Pulse 24 from start to finish is layered with premium- and medical-grade components that ensure superior session performance.

Another option that the Vandy Vape Pulse offers is bottom feeding. With the included squonk pin, vapers can directly inject their choice e-liquid flavors up into the Pulse tank’s side juice wells. It’s an intriguing and efficient setup that gives discerning enthusiasts more control over their e-juice engagement.

Unlike other complex rebuildables, Vandy Vape prides itself in its intuitive ergonomics, and easy-to-build setups. While advanced-level knowledge and techniques are always required when dealing with RDAs, the Pulse 24 BF takes much of the legwork out of the equation.

Identical to all other Vandy Vape atomizers, the Pulse features excellent craftsmanship throughout. The exterior chassis is constructed with 304 stainless steel, which is typically deployed within the food industry due to its corrosion-resistant attribute. Furthermore, Ultem and Delrin (used in the drip tips) are synthesized polymers renowned for their strength and durability.


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Vandy Vape Pulse v2 24mm BF RDA Specifications:

Manufactured by: Vandy Vape

E-Juice Capacity: 2ml

Threading: 510

Body Material: Stainless steel

Deck Size: 24mm

Number of Posts: Postless

Heights: 0.91 inches (23mm) - (not including drip tip)

Diameter: 0.96 inches (24.4mm)


Vandy Vape Pulse 24 RDA Includes:

1 x Vandy Vape Pulse v2 BF 24mm RDA

1 x 16mm Delrin Drip tip

1 x Accessory bag

Vandy Vape Pulse v2 24mm RDA Features:

Gold-plated 510-threaded contact pin

2.0ml capacity

Large-size postless build deck for both single and dual-coil builds

Low profile for intuitive builds

Unique “side-direct” airflow system

Innovative leak-resistant quadruple-airflow slots

Adjustable airflow top cap integrated with four air holes

Ultem wide-bore drip tip

Pre-installed squonker pin

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