Horizon Tech Arctic Turbo Sub Ohm Tank

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Horizon Tech Arctic Turbo Sub Ohm TankHorizon has rapidly established a reputable position within the vaping industry with spectacular devices, such a..

Horizon Tech Arctic Turbo Sub Ohm Tank

Horizon has rapidly established a reputable position within the vaping industry with spectacular devices, such as their extremely popular Arctic Tank. However, they have absolutely blown away the vaping community with their latest device—the Horizon Arctic Turbo Tank. This new beauty is truly a game changer, with epic performance and delivery.

The Horizon Arctic Turbo Tank’s body is made with high-grade 304 stainless steel. This particular metal is coupled with chromium and nickel, making it solid, durable, and highly resistant to corrosion. The 3.5 ml e-liquid tank portion is made with quality Pyrex glass, rather than polyurethane or other plastics. Although more aesthetically appealing, the use of glass is very important for performance and longevity as well. Unlike plastic, which erodes over time due to the acidity found in e-liquid, Pyrex glass is entirely impervious to such deterioration. This not only adds to the life of the tank, but also provides for a better taste, as it is not altered by the seeping plastic.

Horizon ingeniously designed the Arctic Turbo Tank with two separate airflow control valves. The base of the tank houses a four-port adjustable airflow ring. This wonderful component allows you to adjust and modify the amount of air that flows into the tank when taking a hit. The ability to control the air intake is not only beneficial in fine-tuning your vaping experience, but is also useful when alternating between e-liquids of varying PG-to-VG consistency. Depending on the ratio of your liquid, adjusting the air intake helps eliminate gurgling and flooding. In addition, the top of the Horizon Arctic Turbo Tank is equipped with a separate adjustable airflow control valve. This incredible component allows you to customize the temperature of your vapor. You can cool down your vapor by increasing the air, or heighten the temperature for those who prefer warmer hits.

The Arctic Turbo Tank is also furnished with Horizon’s proprietary Top Turbine Cooling System. This revolutionary design acts as a turbine fan, which not only helps with heat dissipation, but also substantially adds to the tank’s performance. The result is smooth and very thick vapor clouds that deliver incredible flavor robustness.

One of the most remarkable features of the Horizon Arctic Turbo Tank is the sextuple-coil design. Horizon engineered this revolutionary clearomizer to house three separate dual-coil atomizer heads. This equates to 6 atomizer coils working simultaneously to bring you vapor production and flavor intensity that rivals the best rebuildable tanks on the market. Moreover, the triple independent atomizer coils can accommodate wattage as high as a staggering 120W. With this level of performance, the Horizon Arctic Turbo Tank is sure to satisfy even the most astute vaper.

Horizon very intelligently designed the Arctic Turbo Tank so that each individual atomizer coil works independently of one another. This means that you can use one, two, or three coils in your clearomizer. You are not forced to use all three coils if you prefer not to. If you choose to use less than all three atomizer coils, you simply use the included coil stopper in place of the coil. This is a wonderful ability that further adds to the flexibility and versatility of this sensational device.

Regardless of how many atomizer coils you use in conjunction with one another, all of the coils are made with the finest materials. The casing is made with stainless steel, which the wicking material is composed of 100% Japanese Organic Cotton. Although a seemingly minor detail, the use of organic cotton as opposed to standard cotton is considerable. Unlike standard cotton, which contains levels of impurities such as bleach, organic cotton is free of such contaminants. This results in a much cleaner, tastier, and “truer” flavor from your tank.

Aesthetically, the Horizon Arctic Turbo Tank is an absolutely beautiful device. The clean lines and color of the stainless steel radiates class and sophistication. The tank is topped off by a gorgeous stainless steel wide-bore drip tip, which perfectly complements the overall appearance of the Arctic Turbo Tank. The upper side of the tank features the “Arctic Turbo” logo, which is elegantly printed with frosted lettering.

When considering performance, delivery, style, and the overall vaping experience, it doesn’t get much better than the new Horizon Arctic Turbo Tank. Its incredibly affordable price makes it one of the very best deals available today. If you are looking for stellar performance and stunning looks at a very reasonable price, the Horizon Arctic Turbo Tank is definitely for you.

Note: The 0.6 Ohms Coils reduce to 0.2 ohms when using all three coils simultaneously.


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3.5 ml






0.3 Ohms, 0.6 Ohms, 1.5 Ohms


Horizon Arctic Turbo Tank Specifications:

Manufactured by: Horizontech

Threading: 510

Body Material: 304-Grade Stainless Steel

Tank Material: Pyrex Glass

E-JuiceCapacity: 3.5ml

Available Resistance: 0.3 Ohms, 0.6 Ohms, 1.5 Ohms

Recommended Wattage (0.6 Ohms): 40W Each (120W All 3)

Recommended Wattage (1.5 Ohms): 45W Each (135W All 3)

Diameter: 0.86 Inches (22mm)

Length: 3.25 Inches (82.5mm)


Horizon Arctic Turbo Tank Includes:

1 x Horizon Arctic Turbo Tank

1 x Replacement Pyrex Tube

2 x Coil Stoppers

3 x 0.6 Ohms Atomizer Coils (Pre-Installed)

3 x Replacement Atomizer Coils (0.6 Ohms)

1 x Set of Spare O-Rings

1 x User Manual

Horizon Arctic Turbo Tank Features:

Made with 304-Grade Stainless Steel

Made With High-Quality Pyrex Glass

Stainless Steel Wide-Bore Drip-Tip

Gorgeous Aesthetic Design

Incredible Performance

Sextuple Coil Atomizer Heads

Silver-Plated 510 Contact Pin

Two Separate Airflow Adjustment Valves

Top Turbine Cooling System

Phenomenal Vapor Clouds

Extremely Intense and Tasty Flavor Production

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