Joyetech eGo AIO ECO Starter Kit

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Joyetech eGo AIO ECO All In One Starter KitSince the advent of the digital platform, vaporizers have always appealed to the bold and glitzy side of ou..

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Joyetech eGo AIO ECO All In One Starter Kit

Since the advent of the digital platform, vaporizers have always appealed to the bold and glitzy side of our personality. That’s why no year goes by without a deluge of vaping innovations that also push the boundaries of design work.

But recently, the industry has witnessed the rise of the so-called “traditional enthusiasts.” Hailing from analog platforms, these end-users often deploy the mouth-to-lung methodology with which they’re most familiar. Rather than billowing out massive cloud plumes, the primary goal of these enthusiasts is to recreate the raw, robust throat hit in analog tobacco formats.

To address this rapidly growing market, renowned manufacturer Joyetech recently introduced the Joyetech Ego AIO ECO Kit. This starter kit has everything you could possibly need to get up and going with the new digital platform. Its simple, but effective end-user interface facilitates intuitive use, which is a major plus for “traditionalists.”

Quite often, vaporizers have a learning curve. Many such devices incorporate multiple functionalities and an array of modularity features. While a great many vapers gravitate towards these interface functions, not all want an overly complicated device. Instead, they prefer something reliable which can consistently deliver great tasting vapors without much fuss.

The Joyetech Ego AIO ECO Kit is exactly that device!

Open up the packaging and you’ll immediately notice the vaunted company’s functionality over form approach. Incorporating a pen-style vaporizer format, the Joyetech Ego AIO ECO Kit is incredibly lightweight and compact. Measuring only a couple inches tall, and with a 0.55 inch (14 mm) diameter, the Ego AIO can fit in almost anywhere a regular pen can.

Not only that, the Ego’s featherweight stature makes it an ideal companion for long road trips or extended stays at the office. Undoubtedly, this attribute is where the Joyetech Ego AIO ECO Kit can turn even hardened vaping enthusiasts. Quite often, bulky, box-mod sub-ohm vaporizers can weigh several pounds with battery and a full liquid load.

While it’s cool to show around with friends and fellow vapers, as a practical, everyday carry device, these vaporizers can be a liability. The Joyetech Ego provides a natural, seamless solution by offering an incredibly light, discreet platform.

Moreover, the Ego doesn’t have to replace an enthusiast’s premium box-mode vaporizer. Instead, buy the AIO ECO Kit for everyday carry – for which it was originally and specifically designed – and leave the premium stuff safe at home!

Another great feature of the Joyetech Ego AIO ECO Kit is its end-user interface. Eschewing the complicated route for pure simplicity, the Ego’s all-in-one pen-style format is a pleasure to use. Just put the ECO to your mouth, hit the fire button, and you can enjoy soothing, smooth sessions whenever you want.

Additionally, the Joyetech Ego is incredibly reliable, and levers consistent performance throughout its power band. Underlining the Ego AIO is a 650 mAh internal battery that has more than enough capacity to last you several sessions throughout the day. Unlike direct-to-lung vaporizers, MTL devices typically consume less power, and therefore, an ultra-high capacity battery isn’t necessary.

To prove how capable the Ego’s power source is, consider this: at full-charge, the Ego can emit 350 puffs. This figure is significantly higher than the already generous 150 puffs that the 1.2 ml tank capacity delivers. Furthermore, Joyetech engineers integrated an ultra-efficient low voltage technology into the ECO Starter Kit. Supporting a 1.85V constant voltage output, this technology makes your battery last considerably longer than without the technology.

Most importantly, the Joyetech Ego AIO ECO Kit is optimized for high-nicotine content e-liquids, as well as the currently popular nicotine salts. The Starter Kit’s included BFHN 0.5 ohm atomizer head is specially engineered to handle the unique textures present in high-nicotine e-juices.



Order Replacement Coils for the eGo AIO ECO






1.2 ml






0.5 Ohms


70% VG or Lower






Beginner, Intermediate


Joyetech Ego AIO ECO Kit Specifications:

Manufactured By: Joyetech

Battery Capacity: 650 mAh

E-Juice Capacity: 1.2 ml

Voltage Output: 1.85V (Constant)

Charging Current: 1A

Available Resistance: 0.5 Ohms

Battery Body Material: Aluminum-Zing

Tank Body Material: Stainless Steel

Tank Material: Borosilicate Glass

Height: 4.45 Inches (113mm)

Diameter: 0.51 Inches (14mm)

Weight: 37.5g


Joyetech Ego AIO ECO Kit Includes:

1 x Joyetech eGo AIO ECO Starter Kit

2 x BFHN 0.5 Ohm Coil Head

1 x Spare Parts Pack

1 x Micro USB Cable

1 x User Manual

Joyetech Ego AIO ECO Kit Features:

Incredibly discreet

Great Battery Life for Compact Device

Extremely convenient

Ultra Portable

Reliable platform

Specifically designed for high-nicotine e-juices

Great value

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